Latest winner:

Rick D from Uxbridge, Massachusetts- Chase Elliott 2018 Mountain Dew 1/24 Action (won 12/12/18)

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Karen B - Tony Stewart 2-car set

Robert A - Jeff Gordon 2-car set

Brian M from Chicago - Dale Jr 2-car set (won 03/22/13)

Chris M from Ohio - Mark Martin 2010 Carquest diecast 1/24 Action (won 03/25/13)

Daniel M from Michigan - Tony Stewart Old Spice hat and 1/24 diecast combo (won 03/28/13)

Nestor A, Kyle T, James K, and Sharn H from the Facebook Easter Egg Hunt all won pit hats of their choice.

Chucky L from Maryland - Jimmie Johnson Ice 2011 Ice diecast (won 04/02/13)

Tannis Z from Tennessee - Kevin Harvick 2011 Ice Diecast (won 04/06/13)

Tim White from Iowa - Earnhardt 3-hat combo (won 04/09/13)

Tom M from Tiffin, OH - Jeff Gordon Ice Car (won 04/18/13)

Zakk M from Floweey Branch, GA - Bill Elliott 2006 Burger King (won 4/29/13)

Travis T from Williamsburg, Virginia - Dale Jr 2013 National Guard 1/24 Action (won 5/23/13)

Josh M from Knoxville, TN - Dale Jr Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Special (Memorial day giveaway special won 06/01/13)

John D from Albany, Oregon - 4-Car Hendrick 1/64 set (won 06/07/13)

Tommy M from Glendale, NY - Jimmie Johnson 2013 Lowes 1/24 diecast (won 06/24/13)

Scott S from Jacksonville, FL - Dale Jr Military Intelligence/ National Guard 1/24 diecast (won 07/30/13)

Allen D from Atlanta, GA - Ducky Dynasty Visor & 1/64 Clint Bowyer car (won 08/09/13)

Beverlie T from Rincon, GA - Hendrick 4-car 1/64 set (won 08/31/13)

William P from Milton, West Virginia - Jeff Gordon 2008 Pepsi 1/24 scale diecast by Action (won 09/17/13)

Jeff M from Dahlonega, Georgia - UGA & Alabama mini helmets (won 10/05/13)

Norman C from Deltona, Florida - Ricky Stenhouse, Jr NOS (won 10/21/13)

Brittany N from Kentucky - Dale Jr Bud Diecast/ Hat combo (won 11/05/13)

Thomas S from Santee, California - Mark Martin Honoring Our Heroes 1/24 Action diecast (won 11/23/13)

Brian N from Indiana - Jimmie Johnson Flashcoat Foundation 1/24 Action

Judy M from Brownsville, Tennessee - Dale Jr "Out with the old, in with the new" Hauler Combination Special (won 01/13/14)

Tony T from Goodman, Missouri - Matt Kenseth 2013 Husky Tools 1/24 Action (won 02/14/14)

Tracy M from Ogden, IA - Kevin Harvick 2012 Budweiser Color Chrome 1/24 Action (won 02/28/14)

Jader N from Kelso, WA - Dale Earnhardt Sr Goodwrench Hauler 1/64 Action (won 04/05/14)

Justin C from Magna, UT - Kevin Harvick 2013 Rheem Special 1/24 Action (won 04/09/14)

Donna M from New Castle, CO - Joey Logano 2013 Pennzoil 1/24 Action (won 04/13/14)

Bradley J from Roseville, MI - 1/24 Display case and riser (won 05/17/14)

Charles W from Memphis, Tennessee - 1/24 Display case and riser (won 06/13/14)

Jordan S from Walland, Tennessee - Deluxe BCW 1/24 Display case (won 07/08/14)

Steve B from Beach Park, Il - 5-pack 1/24 scale display pedestals (won 07/22/14)

Chad M from Chicago, Il - Dale Earnhardt Jr 2014 National Guard 1/24 Action Diecast (won 08/08/2014)

Paul M from Cincinnati, Ohio - Denny Hamlin 2006 Fedex Freight 1/24 Action (won 08/15/2014)

Rickey P from Boaz, Alabama - Dale Jr 2013 Youth Foundation National Guard 1/24 Action Diecast (won 08/29/14)

Robert L from Viroqua, Wisconsin - Dale Sr 1989 Goodwrench Aerocoupe 1/24 Action Diecast (won 09/19/14)

Travis T from Williamsburg, VA - Dale Jr 2014 Daytona 500 Winnner (won 11/04/14)

Maryann D from Sandpoint, IA - Dale Jr 2013 Gold Amp 1/24 Action (won 11/25/14)

Theresa J from Lithia, FL - Dale JSr 1989 Goodwrench Monte Carlo 1/24 Action (won 12/16/14)

Johnny S from Ila, GA - Dale Jr 2014 National Guard 1/24 Action (won 01/23/15)

Craig B from Laurel, MS - Dale Jr Dale Call (won 02/13/15)

Michael D from Endicott, NY - Dale Jr Dale Call (won 03/19/15)

Jeffrey B from Rutland, VT - Dale Jr Chase Authentics Amp Jacket (won 04/17/15)

Tyler R from Belle Fourche, SD - Dale Jr 57 Chevy Diecast (won 04/24/15)

Robert L from Van Buren, AR - Dale Jr 2-Car NG & Amp Combo (won 05/02/15)

Cameron C from Indianapolis, IN - Dale Jr Youth Foundation diecast (won 06/19/15)

Dennis P from Jefferson City, MO - Jeff Gordon Penn State diecast (won 09/10/15)

Jimmy H from Memphis TN - Dale Earnhardt 1989 Monte Carlo diecast (won 09/17/15)

Dale P from Centrailai, WA from Memphis TN - Dale Jr 2014 National Guard diecast (won 10/02/15)

Brad W from De kalb Junction, NY - Jeff Gordon 2015 3M diecast (won 10/16/15)

Steve P from Miller's Creek, NC - Dale Jr 2015 Nationwide Insurance diecast (won 11/06/15)

Helen B from Atlanta, GA - Dale Jr 2015 Daytona Win Raced Version 1/24 Action diecast- (won 12/15/15)

$25 gift certificate- Richard W from Porterville, CA (won 12/18/15)

Terry W from Colebrook, New Hampshire - Dale Jr Valvoline 1/24 Action diecast- (won 4/14/16)

Mark W from Florida - Kevin Harvick 2016 Busch Beer 1/24 Action diecast- (won 7/05/16)

Johnny H from Boise, ID- Dale Jr 2016 Batman Flashcoat 1/24 Action diecast- (won 8/06/16)

Joseph D from Concord, MI- Dale Earnhardt Sr 1998 Daytona 500 Win Gold 1/24 Action (won 03/02/17)

Lacey C from Hazelgreen, AL- Dale Earnhardt Jr 2005 Budweiser Liquid Color 1/24 Action (won 10/05/17)

Bernie L from Bellevue, NE- Dale Earnhardt Jr 2005 Budweiser Liquid Color 1/24 Action (won 11/11/17)

Michael W from Wautoma, WI- Dale Earnhardt Sr 1998 Daytona 500 Win Gold 1/24 Action (won 04/28/18)

Christopher S from Rochester, New York - Chase Elliott 2016 NAPA 1/24 Action (won 05/04/18)

Tom W from Princeton, Illinois - Chase Elliott 2016 NAPA 1/24 Action (won 05/04/18)

Dan H from Hampton, New Hampshire- Chase Elliott 2018 NAPA 1/24 Action (won 05/04/18)

Rick D from Uxbridge, Massachusetts- Chase Elliott 2018 Mountain Dew 1/24 Action (won 12/12/18)

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Jason P ( Dale Jr 2013 Xbox One 1/24 Action - Dale Jr 2013 Superman: Man of Steel 1/24 Action - Kevin Harvick 2014 Phoenix Win Raced Version 1/24 Action